Experiential learning

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Georgia Tech Biology provides students with multiple and varied opportunities for experiential learning, or learning through doing. Each of these experiences can count toward Biology breadth electives, with up to 6 credit hours from each of the following experiences contributing toward breadth electives.


Undergraduate Research

Georgia Tech has one of the biggest research enterprises in the country and provides exceptional research opportunities to Biology majors. You'll have the opportunity to join a lab team led by a faculty mentor who will guide you in cutting-edge biological research.

Find out more about opportunities in undergraduate research.


Biology Internships

Through partnerships with local government, academia, and industry groups, you'll gain direct, hands-on experience using your Biology degree in ways that can lead to employment directly after graduation

Find out more about Biology internships.


Teaching Assistant Experience

Teaching content is the best way to internalize it. As an Undergraduate TA, you'll work closely with Biology faculty to deliver content in Introductory Biology labs, lecture, and Biology core courses while taking a TA Training course.

Find out more about Biology TA opportunities.


Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program

Vertically integrated projects are team-based, multidisciplinary research experiences for students and faculty. With multi-semester research projects, VIP courses offer opportunities for developing and practicing new skills, mentoring new team members, and contributing to a long-term research goal.

VIP courses led by at least one faculty member from the School of Biological Sciences can count toward Biology breadth electives.

Find out more about VIP courses.

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