Explore LLC Students Go Outside the Curriculum in New Sciences Course

A group of first-year students are conducting undergraduate research and learning about special science and math subjects through a new special topics course that’s also giving postdoctoral scholars and research scientists a chance to teach.

November 30, 2023

Evolutionary Biology in Health and Disease is not a regular course offering at Georgia Tech. However, first-year students in the College of Sciences’ Explore Living Learning Community (Explore LLC) got to dive deep into the subject anyway — which meant reading lots of scientific papers and medical case studies while engaging in research. 

Offered as a one-credit College of Sciences special topics course, Explore LLC undergraduates who are interested in research and pre-health studies get to learn about special science and mathematics topics that are not regularly offered in a typical curriculum. 

The instructors for the new course are postdoctoral scholars and research scientists in the College, including Peter Conlin, the first instructor to participate in the course. 

In addition to research and pre-health course opportunities, Explore LLC gives first-year students majoring in College of Sciences-related disciplines (biology, chemistry and biochemistry, earth and atmospheric sciences, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, and psychology) a unique opportunity to live among the highest concentration of science and math majors on campus in the same residence halls.