Course offering schedule

Biological Sciences Typical Two Year Course Rotation 


THE SCHEDULE BELOW IS UNOFFICIAL AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. Courses are anticipated, but not guaranteed, to be offered on the unofficial schedule below. Last updated 11/7/2023.

We suggest that you check the Schedule of Classes in Buzzport from previous semesters for specific times/days when classes have been offered in the past. While the schedule can change in any given semester, previous class schedules can provide a rough estimate for future course schedules. Look for BIOL or APPH courses for any semester prior to Spring 2020. See the BIOS-BIOL-APPH course conversion table for course equivalencies.

Course number Course name Odd-year Summers Odd-year Falls Even-year Springs Even-year Summers Even-year Falls Odd-year Springs
BIOS 1107 + 1107L Biological Principles + Biological Principles Lab (STEM majors) X X X X X X
BIOS 1108 + 1108L Organismal Biology + Organismal Biology Lab (STEM majors)   X X   X X
BIOS 1207 + 1207L Biological Principles + Biological Principles Project Lab (BIO majors)   X     X  
BIOS 1208 + 1208L Organismal Biology + Organismal Biology Project Lab (BIO majors)     X     X
BIOS 1220 Biology of Sex and Death        
BIOS 2100 Biogeography-New Zealand (Pacific Study Abroad)*            
BIOS 2300 Ecology   X     X X
BIOS 2301 Ecology Lab   X     X X
BIOS 2310 Problem-Based Ecology     X      
BIOS 2311 Problem-Based Ecology Lab     X      
BIOS 2400 Math Models in Biology           X
BIOS 2500 Intro to Sport Science     X   X  
BIOS 2600 Genetics X X X X X X
BIOS 2601 Genetics Lab   X X   X X
BIOS 2610 Integrative Genetics   X     X  
BIOS 2611 Integrative Genetics Lab   X     X  
BIOS 2694 Intern Assistantship X X X X X X
BIOS 2695 Undergraduate Internship X X X X X X
BIOS 3000 Survey of Medicine*             
BIOS 3100 Ecology&Evol-Australia (Pacific Study Abroad)     X (Pacific Study Abroad Program)     X (Pacific Study Abroad Program)
BIOS 3380 Microbiology   X X   X X
BIOS 3381 Microbiology Lab   X     X  
BIOS 3450 Cell Molecular Biol X (BEST Lyon Study Abroad) X X X (BEST Lyon Study Abroad) X X
BIOS 3451 Cell Molecular Biol Lab    X       X   
BIOS 3600 Evolutionary Biology   X X   X X
BIOS 3753 Human Anatomy   X X   X X
BIOS 3754 Anatomy Lab   X     X  
BIOS 3755 Human Physiology X   X X X X
BIOS 3756 Physiology Lab     X     X
BIOS 4012 Protein Biology     X      
BIOS 4015 Cancer Bio/Tech   X     X  
BIOS 4100 Exercise Physiology           X
BIOS 4150 Genomics&Appl Bioinfor   X     X  
BIOS 4200 Kinesiology   X     X  
BIOS 4221 Biological Oceanography     X      
BIOS 4225 Molecular Evolution*             
BIOS 4238 Ion Channels         X  
BIOS 4340 Medical Microbiology   X     X  
BIOS 4400 Neuroanatomy   X     X  
BIOS 4401 Experimental Design and Statistical Methods   X X   X X
BIOS 4410 Microbial Ecology     X      
BIOS 4417 Marine Ecology           X
BIOS 4418 Microbial Physiology           X
BIOS 4428 Population Dynamics     X      
BIOS 4440 Human Pathology     X      
BIOS 4460 Comm Biological Research   X X   X X
BIOS 4464 Developmental Biology   X        
BIOS 4471 Behavioral Biology X   X X X  
BIOS 4500 Drug Discovery     X      
BIOS 4505 Biological Programming   X        
BIOS 4510 Epigenetics           X
BIOS 4515 Community Ecology         X  
BIOS 4520 Health, Genes, and Society     X      
BIOS 4530 Human Evolutionary Genomics         X  
BIOS 4540 Human Motor Control   X     X  
BIOS 4545 Human Genetics   X     X  
BIOS 4550 Origin of Complex Life     X      
BIOS 4560 RNA Biology and Biotechnology   X        
BIOS 4570 Immunology     X     X
BIOS 4590 Research Project Lab   X X   X X
BIOS 4607 Molecular Microbiology           X
BIOS 4620 Aquatic Chemical Ecology     X      
BIOS 4651 Bioethics X X X   X X
BIOS 4668 Eukaryotic Mol Genetics            
BIOS 4690 Independnt Research Proj X X X X X X
BIOS 4694 Intern Assistantship X X X X X X
BIOS 4695 Undergraduate Internship X X X X X X
BIOS 4696 Biol Teaching Assistant   X X   X X
BIOS 4697 Biol Undergrad Teaching   X X   X X
BIOS 4698 Research Assistantship X X X X X X
BIOS 4699 Undergraduate Research X X X X X X
BIOS 4740 Bio-Inspired Design   X     X  
BIOS 4746 Signaling Molecules*            
BIOS 4801  History of Neuroscience     X      
BIOS 4803  Nutrition X X X   X X
BIOS 4803  Neuromotor Physiology     X     X
BIOS 4803 Integrative Physiology   X        
BIOS 4803  Proteomics         X  
BIOS 4803 Chromosome Biology and Human Disease           X
BIOS 4803  Conservation Biology           X
BIOS 4813 Biology of Terrestrial Vertebrates     X      
BIOS 4813  Biodiversity on a Changing Planet         X  
BIOS 4814 Physics of Living Systems     X      

*this course is not scheduled to be taught in the current two-year course rotation