Biology Undergraduate Handbook

The Biology Undergraduate Handbook provides information supplementary to that contained in the Georgia Tech General Catalog and the Rules and Regulations in matters that pertain specifically to the School of Biological Sciences.  Your degree requirements are based on the year in which you entered the Biology degree, as detailed in the relevant handbook below.

2024-2025 Handbook

2023-2024 Handbook

2022-2023 Handbook

2021-2022 Handbook

2020-2021 Handbook

2019-2020 Handbook

2018-2019 Handbook

2017-2018 Handbook

2016-2017 Handbook

2015-2016 Handbook

2014-2015 Handbook

2013-2014 Handbook

2012-2013 Handbook

2011-2012 Handbook

2010-2011 Handbook