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Welcome to Biology at Georgia Tech!

As a newly admitted student, you may find the following links helpful as you prepare for beginning your academics at Tech.

FASET (new student orientation)

Registrar's Transfer Equivalency Catalog (includes AP and IB transfer credit)

Biology Electives

Biology electives allow you to customize your biology degree to be specific to your biological area of interest using 21 hours of Biology elective credit. You can focus your Biology Electives in a particular concentration to earn a Biological Sciences Certificate. 12 "depth" credits must be courses with a “BIOL” prefix, excluding BIOL 4694-4699. Biology Elective courses that are cross-listed with other Schools are included in these 12 depth credits.

Other Programs of Interest

Minors and Certificates of Interest to Biology Majors

Biology majors are eligible for discipline-focused or multi-discipline minors to broaden the scope of your undergraduate degree. We encourage you to work with your Undergraduate Advisor to integrate your minor into your undergraduate studies.  Minors which may be of particular interest to Biology majors include:

Biological Sciences Certificates

Certificate programs in Biology and Physiology are available to students from any major. For Biology majors, the Certificate program is a way of customizing your Biology Electives to focus on a particular concentration in biology. For other majors, a Biology or Physiology certificate is a way of enhancing your degree to include an emphasis in biological concepts. Each certificate requires 12 credit hours of approved courses from that certificate’s list, at least 9 of which must be at the 3000 level or higher.

Undergraduate Awards

Biology Undergraduate Awards

Every spring semester, the faculty gives several undergraduate awards in Biological Sciences. These awards are presented to students demonstrating excellent academic achievement, initiative, and/or service. Some of the awards were designated by donors for students entering specific areas of study. Electronic nominations for awards will be solicited by Biological Sciences faculty and students will also be invited to self-nominate in the spring semester.

How to get involved in Undergraduate Research

  1. Earn good grades and make yourself known to your professors.  Undergraduate research is competitive and you are more likely to be accepted with the faculty member of your choice if you have a strong record of academic excellence.


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