Alumni Newsletter

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Features: Wade Barnes Receives Highest Award from Georgia Tech Alumni Association | Fast-Track to Research Scholarship: Progress Report | Freeing a Scientific Mind to Envision Big Research: Packard Fellowship to Will Ratcliff | Study Reveals Complication Predictors in Children with Crohn’s Disease | 2017 School of Biological Sciences Awards | Meet Fall 2016 Graduate Jeffery Hendrix | Emeritus Professor Gerald Pullman Awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award | Georgia Tech Launches Ph.D. in Ocean Science and Engineering | Dead Zones Full of Life—For Microbes | Exosomes Have a Sense of Urgency | Does Prion Hold a Memory of Stress?



Fall 2016 Newsletter

Features: Todd Streelman is Named Chair of the School of Biological Sciences :: Francesca Storici Selected in the First Cohort to Receive a New Award for Early-Career Scientists :: Popular Science Picks Will Ratcliff for its Annual List of Bright Young People Changing the World :: The Fast-Track to Biology Research Scholarship Program Continues to Thrive :: Alumni Spotlight: John Simmons :: Launching Careers in Bioinformatics :: Shaking a Sleeping Bog Monster :: Human Factors: Featuring Melanie Quiver :: Alumni Spotlight: Mary Beth Brown :: Alumni Spotlight: David Countryman :: Tedx Talk By Brian Hammer: Cooperation & Conflict in the Microbial World :: Yes, Computing Genetic Ancestors is Super Accurate



Spring 2016 Newsletter

Features: The School of Biology is Reorganizing, Combining with the School of Applied Physiology :: Fast Track to Research Scholars Share Their Research Experience :: Fast Track to Biology Research Scholarship Program Continues to be a Success! :: School of Biology Faculty Frank Stewart Uses Ocean Research to Enhance High School Science Education :: Regrow a Tooth? Fish – Yes; Humans – Maybe Some Day :: In the Classroom with Linda Green :: Biology Alum Kristen Marhaver Wins the WINGS WolrdQuest Women of Discovery Sea Award :: Matt Torres Awarded $1.2M Grant from the National Institutes of Health :: 2016 School of Biology Annual Awards



Fall 2015 Newsletter

Features: Biology’s New Home – The Engineered Biosystems Building :: Dr. Mark Hay Given the 2015 Lowell Thomas Award by the Explorers Club :: Professor Marc Weissburg Named Bbiss Fellow :: New Research by Biologist John McDonald Underscores Importance Of Gene Regulation :: Undergraduates Applaud Faculty in the School Of Biology :: Alumni Spotlight: Benjamin Preston :: Georgia Tech Announces New Graduate Program in Quantitative Biosciences: From Molecules, Cells, and Organisms to Ecosystems :: Fall 2015 Internship Program



Spring 2015 Newsletter
Features: Georgia Tech Hosted Experts to Improve Ebola Modeling and Response :: Biology Professor Receives Private Gift for Ovarian Cancer Research :: Biology Faculty Win Research Awards from Sloan and Simons Foundations :: Opinion Article in Wired Magazine by Biology Alum :: New Fast-Track to Biology Research Scholarship Program :: Alumni Spotlight: Tish Robinson :: Strategies for More Sustainable Sugar Cultivation in South America :: Biologically Inspired Design Inspires a New Strategy for Zoo Atlanta :: How Yeast Evolve Multicellularity :: 2015 School of Biology Awards :: Dugatkin Discusses Altruistic Behaviors



Fall 2014 Newsletter
Features: A Quest to the Bottom of the Food Chain :: Fast Track to Biology :: A Message from Wayne Kerr :: Biology Faculty Publish in Top Scientific Journals :: Flipping the Classroom :: Intellmedia Launches New Product for Genomic Sequencing :: Alumi Spotlight with Fred Holt :: Alumni Spotlight with Preston Campbell :: Alumni Spotlight with Sarah Fankhauser :: Biology Scientific Retreat :: Biology Academic Program Review :: Job Outlook for 2014 Graduates